Kshitija Kulkarni

Kshitija comes with an experience of more than 8 years as a tour leader and organizer which gives her first-hand knowledge about various travel destinations around the globe. She has completed her Master’s Degree in Biodiversity, and basic courses in ornithology and herpetology. She is an avid naturalist, a skilled team leader, and loves the great outdoors.
Travelling is her passion, and WanderQuest Holidays is a reflection of
her personality!

Contact:    kshitija@wanderquestholidays.com
                    +91 – 9823560475

Aashay Baindur

Aashay loves to travel and stargaze. He excels at mammal tracking and animal behaviour. He has played a key role in helping us set up the business, and in leading nature camps. He is always keen on exploring new travel destinations with us. His innovative ideas and excellent team spirit is a hit on our group tours! Aashay officially became a Managing Partner at WanderQuest in December 2016 and has since been an indispensable part of the team.


+91 – 9850680695

Naina Nalkur

Naina has spent a majority of life in Zambia. Living on the cusp of some of Africa’s richest terrains has had a profound effect on her.
She is an avid and enthusiastic birdwatcher. She never misses a trip!
Moreover, she is the Team Matriach! Keeping morale up and keeping us all encouraged with her loving heart is what she does best.

Contact:    gauravn.wanderquest@gmail.com

Col Ashwin Baindur

Prominent Indian Wikipedian and Ex Indian Army Colonel. He is currently engaged in writing nature books for children in an effort to foster a love for nature in the younger generation. WanderQuest Holidays is proud to have him as a part of the team leading the Painted Storks.
He won the Wipro Nature Forever Society Sparrow Award in 2017.

Contact:    ashwin.baindur@gmail.com

Avishkar Munje

Avishkar is a true wildlifer. He has completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science and is a total wildlife buff and an excellent birdwatcher. He is also a keen observer of bats.

Amruta Dhamorikar

Amruta is passionate and well-versed about plants and butterflies. She is also a good writer, and has her own travel blog. She is currently working on several Environmental Impact Assessment projects throughout India. Amruta is a passionate outdoors person.

Sanika Kulkarni
Sanika Kulkarni

Sanika is our youngest team member. She is great with children of all ages, very approachable, and loves the outdoors. Sanika loves travelling and singing, and is interested in all kinds of music.

Contact:    sanikakulkarni@yahoo.com

Aditi Baindur

Aditi is one of the most charismatic members in Team WanderQuest.
She is an absolute delight to have on camps. Although new to Wildlife she loves safaris and all manner of travel. Aditi has done a lot of backpacking in Europe mainly Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, and Slovakia. She brings a lot of expertise and knowledge in the fields of digital design and has helped improve our marketing strategy.

Contact:    aditibaindur96@gmail.com

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